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    Solange Knowles by Seiji Fujimori The Ground Magazine Issue #4 .

    Photography by Seiji Fujimori, Styling by Nick Nelson, Hair by Chuck Amos, Makeup by Munemi Imai, Manicure by Katie Hughes and Set Design by David Davis


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    The Last Samurai starring Tom Cruise

    The Last of the Mohicans starring Daniel Day-Lewis

    The Mexican starring Brad Pitt

    Prince of Persia starring Jake Gyllenhaal


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    Naomi Campbell photographed by Xevi Muntané for Harper’s Bazaar España October 2013

    Fashion & Luxury

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    Erbil - Iraq 

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    Belle (dir. Amma Asante)

    I don’t know that I find myself anywhere.

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  9. Anonymous asked: Wtf is Tim Hortons though


    tim hortons is my life, and without it i would be nothing. it is what fuels me, what makes me want to see the light of tomorrow. wikipedia defines it is “a Canadian multinational fast casual restaurant” but it is so much more. tim hortons is indescribable as it is not solely canada’s most beloved chain coffee and bake shop, but a full experience. even the scent of fresh coffee brewing, hot donuts right out of the oven, and the faint lingering of burned bagels is enough to set my head spinning. you can’t simply just ask a canadian to define tim hortons, because tim hortons defines a canadian

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    Vincenzo Balocchi - Love in Florence, 1940s.

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    Worn With Confidence: Nur Hellmann for Vanity Fair Italia April 2014.

    Photo: Kenneth Willardt 

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    *swipes debit card*
    *sweats profusely*
    *purchase goes through*
    me: God is good all the time
    Cashier: all the time God is good

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