1. Woe Onto Those Who Spit on the Fear Generation… The Wind Will Blow it Back, Raf Simons, SS02, video shot by Willy Vanderperre

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  4. fei fei sun by steven meisel for vogue italia september 2014.

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    oh my fuck god stop LMAO

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    Werner Bischof

    INDIA. Bombay. The Bharat Natyam dancer getting ready for a performance. 1951.

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    Barcelona Pavilion

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    T Magazine Fall Women’s Fashion Issue 2014: Imaan Hamman 

    Photo: Mark Borthwick

    Styling: Jonathan Kaye

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    IG: nbga_feingold

    Blog: www.nbga-feingold.com

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    Daily inspiration. Learn more about the project www.aestate.be

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    A. F Vandevorst spring/summer 2014 details!

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